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Biotin for hair-everything you need to know

Benefits of biotin for hair
  1. What is biotin?
  2. How does biotin help in hair nourishment?
  3. Biotin benefits for hair
  4. How to use biotin hair mask and ampoules?

Styling tools, hair sprays, and serums often save us from a bad hair day. But in the long run, your hair needs more than quick-fixes. It needs nourishment. This is where biotin steps in.

For strong and healthy hair, you need to strengthen it from inside, and nothing gives your hair a more resilient shine than the right nutrients. So, when you talk about hair care nutrients, biotinis usually in the picture. You may have heard about using biotin for hair. Today, we'll tell you all about this hair care wonder, starting with what is biotin.

What is biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is a part of the vitamin B family and an important nutrient that you need to stay healthy. Also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, biotin plays a big role in building the keratin infrastructure. Keratin is the basic protein that needs biotin to function to its full potential, and provide you with good hair, skin and nails. Did you know that the word “biotin” is derived from the Greek word “biotos” which literally translates to “life”? Biotin, its main source being food, helps your body metabolise fatty acids, glucose and amino acids; and maintains your overall health. However, if you are not getting enough biotin, it becomes evident in the form of brittle nails, skin conditions, and thinning hair.

How does biotin help in hair nourishment?

  • Biotin strengthens and thickens the hair follicles to their maximum potential

  • Irrespective of the hair type, your hair needs biotin. It consists of nourishing properties that protect your hair from damage and create a favourable environment for your hair to grow

  • Typically, your hair grows one inch every month, but this depends on several factors like environmental stressors, ageing, hormonal changes, and colouring procedures. These can often take a toll on your hair strands and weaken the cortex, causing dullness, breakage, and thinning. This is where biotin steps in. It strengthens your hair from the inside and protects it from any further damage

Biotin benefits for hair

Biotin has proven to be a useful ingredient when it comes to hair care due to these benefits:

  • Adds shine:

    Styling tools and products give you pretty and manageable hair, but it makes your hair prone to damage. Plus, your hair loses its natural shine over time. A major benefit of biotin is that it helps restore your hair’s lost shine. The vitamin metabolises carbs and fats and produces keratin! This makes your hair more protein-rich, healthier, fuller, and easier to moisturise

  • Improves hair texture:

    Hair texture tends to change with age or hair damage. Biotin protects your hair from damage, prevents hair thinning, and ensures that its texture isn’t affected

  • Strengthens your hair:

    Since biotin thickens and strengthens hair follicles, it supports the regular growth cycle of your hair and protects it from any damage that can interfere with this process.

How to use biotin hair mask and ampoules?

In case you’re not getting enough of this essential vitamin from its usual sources, biotin-infused hair products also mimic the benefits of biotin for your hair. And Pantene has a great range of biotin-infused products:

  • Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin

    The Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin is created using this essential vitamin and multi-supplement formula with biotin. The hair mask nourishes and strengthens dry, brittle hair and makes your tresses smooth, soft and shiny. Apply the biotin hair mask to your hair after shampooing. Comb it through your tresses with your fingers and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it off completely.

  • Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Biotin

    If you are pinched for time but need an intense treatment to manage rough, dry hair, Pantene Intense Rescue Shots Biotin Ampoules are what you need. These mini-miracle treatments are infused with biotin. These intense rescue shots nourish and moisturise dry hair and revives it in a minute! This treatment targets extremely damaged hair and transforms it into shiny, strong hair in no time.

Biotin for hair is everything you need to nourish your delicate tresses and restore them to their former glory. Get healthy, beautiful hair and turn every day into a great hair day.