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Dry Hair - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

3 Tips for Dry Hair
  1. What is Dry Hair?
  2. Causes of Dry Hair
  3. Dry Hair Symptoms
  4. How to Identify Dry Hair?
  5. Ways to Treat Dry Hair
  6. Home Treatments for Dry Hair

Is the ‘just-out-of-bed’ look your permanent hairstyle these days? Styling dry hair is no easy feat, and let’s face it, you don’t want to whip your hair up in a messy bun all the time now, do you? What if we told you that you can now swap your dry, parched hair for shiny, luscious locks with a permanent solution for dry hair.

But wait! Before you enlist hair oils to moisturise your hair, understand that you are simply coating your dry hair with a greasy, oil slick that nobody wants. Your dry, thirsty locks would readily absorb all the hair oil, and you will have to use more shampoo to wash the excess oil out. This, in turn, would dry out your hair. A vicious cycle indeed.

Instead, you should be focused on getting to the 101 on the causes of dry hair, its various symptoms, and the most legit ways of treating them.

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