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Benefits of Using Activated Charcoal Shampoo on Your Scalp

Charcoal Shampoo for your Scalp - Pantene
  1. What is charcoal shampoo?
  2. Activated charcoal benefits for hair
  3. So, how does activated charcoal work?
  4. How does Pantene’s charcoal shampoo get rid of scalp impurities?

Your scalp and hair go through a lot every day! And the styling products you use to get “well-behaved” hair, together with the dirt and pollution only add to your woes by causing scalp buildup. Plus, they dull your hair’s shine and make your scalp unclean, giving rise to dandruff, *hair fall, and other hair problems. Don’t be disheartened! What you need is a shampoo that deeply cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping your tresses of their natural oils or causing further damage. Enter charcoal shampoo—a game-changing cleansing shampoo that gives you clean and healthy hair.

Here’s some interesting scoop on what makes charcoal shampoo a miracle haircare product.

What is charcoal shampoo?

Shampoos formulated using “active charcoal” that offer a deep cleanse are known as charcoal shampoos. For the uninitiated, charcoal has been making waves in the beauty industry for quite some time. And activated charcoal shampoos have become the latest fad, thanks to their ability to get rid of impurities that can make your hair appear dull and lacklustre.

Another factor that makes charcoal shampoos a hit among consumers is that these are gentle for daily use. Using activated carbon in the shampoo ensures that your scalp is clean and hair is shiny, and voluminous.

Activated charcoal benefits for hair

Detoxifies your scalp and hair
Activated charcoal possesses incredible detoxifying and clarifying properties, which is why it’s the primary ingredient in Pantene Charcoal Root Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner. Plus, this charcoal shampoo from Pantene is free from parabens, silicones, and dyes, which makes it easier for the product to remove impurities from your scalp and offer a deep detox.

Possesses volumising properties
One of the major charcoal benefits is that it adds volume to your hair, giving it the much-needed bounce. Activated charcoal deeply cleanses your scalp and removes impurities that might be weighing your hair down. This makes your hair feel lighter instantly. Plus, charcoal shampoos can quickly revive your tired, lifeless, dull hair and leave you with lightweight, free-flowing tresses.

Boosts hair growth
Your scalp is the extension of your skin and it functions the same way. It absorbs dirt, oil, and excess sebum just like the skin on the rest of your body. This can affect your scalp’s quality, which in turn, affects your hair growth. An activated charcoal shampoo can get rid of these impurities and excess sebum, allowing your hair to breathe. In fact, it removes all the hurdles that can prevent your hair’s growth.

Heals your scalp naturally
Your scalp and hair command equal attention. If your scalp feels unusually itchy or dry, there are chances that it can soon escalate to severe scalp conditions. An activated charcoal shampoo cleans your scalp by pulling the toxins away from it, and unclogging the pores in the process to let your scalp breathe freely.

Keeps greasy hair at bay
What gets in the way of sporting bouncy, luminous hair? A greasy scalp! One of the major charcoal benefits is that it can readily soak up oil and other impurities that make your beautiful locks oily and slick. Charcoal shampoos are counted amongst the best cleansers and you’ll notice a difference in your hair’s appearance from the first wash itself! Plus, this means no more scalp buildup since activated charcoal is known for its deeply cleansing and gently exfoliating properties.

Suits all hair textures
Another benefit of using a charcoal shampoo is that it suits all hair textures. These shampoos do not strip your hair of the essential nutrients or affect your coloured hair. Giving your scalp and hair a gentle detox can prevent excessive build-up that can damage your scalp and change your hair’s natural texture.

So, how does activated charcoal work?

A charcoal shampoo is what you need to flaunt free-flowing hair that’s squeaky clean and hydrated at the same time. But how does activated charcoal make this possible? Hear us out. Activated charcoal is more charged than regular charcoal. Plus, it possesses porous, purifying properties and acts as a magnet that draws out impurities from your hair and scalp. In fact, activated charcoal can absorb up to 1000 times its weight in impurities! This is what helps your activated charcoal shampoo to give you a deep cleanse. It removes product buildup and allows your hair to absorb key nutrients that make them grow stronger, shinier and healthier.  

How does Pantene’s charcoal shampoo get rid of scalp impurities?     

The Pantene Charcoal Root Purifying Shampoo is crafted with a nourishing Pro-V blend of activated charcoal, pro-vitamin B5, and antioxidants. The activated charcoal in this shampoo absorbs the impurities nestled on your scalp and hair, and purifies and cleanses your hair gently to remove dirt and impurities. Plus, this nutrient-infused shampoo is free from parabens, silicone, and dyes, and works to reset the delicate balance of your hair. Pantene’s charcoal shampoo is safe to use on colour-treated and chemically-treated hair as well.

For better results, pair this charcoal shampoo with Pantene Charcoal Root Renewal Conditioner, which is created with a lightweight formula to clean your hair without drying it out.

Pantene’s charcoal shampoo creates a nourishing environment for your hair to grow by getting rid of impurities and keeping your scalp healthy. The result? You get to flaunt healthy and shiny hair all day every day!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.