Do the Style, Not the Damage

Sure, we all know that heat damaged hair is bad, but most of us will do whatever it takes to get the right look. But over time, it will look more and more dull, straw-like, unmanageable and frizzy – a fate that’s not conducive to any great hairstyle. Just like needing clean, healthy skin before applying makeup, a great hairstyle starts with a healthy base. Check out our top hair styling tips to get the look without the damage.

Lay off the Styling Tools
When it comes to heat damaged hair, some of the biggest culprits are the straightener and curling iron because of their high heat. The heat can actually melt the hair’s natural protein structure and result in damage, which is why it’s important to use a heat protectant and pull the straightener through your hair quickly to minimize damage. 

Beat the Heat
Although air-drying is clearly the best way to beat the heat, reducing heat damaged hair doesn’t have to mean throwing away the blow dryer all together. Using too much heat can lead to cracks in the hair’s cuticle (hello fried-looking damage), so it’s important to start with a heat protective spray and to keep some distance between your hair and the blow dryer and using a non-metal brush. 

Try an Air Dried Look like a Braid or Topknot
For that off duty model look, our go-to is the messy braid or perfectly imperfect topknot. And for those trying to avoid style-induced heat damage, these two looks are the perfect options because they don’t require a blowout – they actually look better when they’re not perfect.

To get the look, start with wet hair and apply a texturizer to add some movement. After your hair has air dried, braid or put it up in a topknot, pulling pieces of out to make it look a little imperfect. Another option is just letting your hair air dry fully and run some texturizing cream through the hair. Add a bandana or scarf and you’re good to go.