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The Ultimate Guide to Manage Greasy Hair

Ultimate Guide to Manage  Greasy Hair?
  1. The science behind greasy hair
  2. What are the major reasons that your hair becomes greasy?
  3. Does washing your hair too often cause greasy hair?
  4. How to stop greasy hair?

Clean, beautiful, and lustrous hair is a dream for most people. For this, you need to create a hair washing schedule that ensures that you do not wash your hair too less or too often. But, when you wake up with greasy hair on a non-hair-washing day, your entire schedule can go for a toss.

Styling greasy hair can be challenging. Though your hair looks glossy, making it perfect for a minimalistic hairstyle, it attracts a lot of impurities. Let’s look at what causes greasy hair and ways to deal with it.

The science behind greasy hair

On days when your hair gets greasy, it indicates that the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands are overactive and secreting more sebum. This sebum plays a vital role in keeping your tresses hydrated and healthy. Plus, this oily substance even prevents your hair from drying out and breaking. As essential as sebum is for your hair health, too much of anything tends to have unpleasant results. 

What are the major reasons that your hair becomes greasy?

Along with the overactive sebaceous glands, the following factors also cause greasy hair:

  • Seasonal changes

    As the weather changes and gets hotter, sweat production increases as well. This makes it easier for your hair’s natural oils to slide down the entire length of the hair follicle. Even if you try to protect your hair from the sun with a hat, it only worsens the follicle action.

  • Touching your hair

    Touching your hair can make it greasy. The natural oils in your hands and fingers get transferred to your hair, making it greasy. So, the best way to prevent this from happening is to not touch your hair.

  • Hormones

    Whenever your hormones go awry, the effects are quite visible. Whether it is work stress, periods, or pregnancy, your body’s reaction can cause the sebaceous glands to go into overdrive. The excess oil production caused by a surge in the hormones can cause greasy hair and breakouts.

Does washing your hair too often cause greasy hair?

As counterintuitive as this sound, the answer to this is yes! To keep greasy hair at bay, your first instinct would be to wash your hair till it’s squeaky clean. However, washing your hair too often can trigger the sebaceous glands and to compensate for the sebum you washed off, it will release excess sebum on your hair. People with fine or straight hair are more susceptible to oily, greasy hair.

How to stop greasy hair?

Washing your hair every time you notice your hair getting even remotely greasier is not the ideal solution. It can become difficult if you have trained your tresses for a regular rinse. When you miss a single day of washing your hair, it becomes extra-greasy the next day, and you will have to use more product to get it out of your tresses. And the vicious cycle continues. So, how do you stop greasy hair? You can use dry shampoos between your washes and watch the oil disappear within minutes.

If you are looking for the right dry shampoo with scalp-friendly ingredients, we are happy to help. Let’s look at the best dry shampoos for greasy hair.

  • Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo

    Pantene Never Tell Dry Shampoo is the perfect dry shampoo for greasy hair. It is your go-to dry shampoo that is formulated with nourishing Pro-Vitamin B5 and works wonders for all hair types. This dry shampoo absorbs all the extra oil from your scalp and leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean.

Dry shampoo is a hair care miracle and an excellent way to keep your hair clean, until your next wash. Create a hair-washing schedule with your regular shampoo + conditioner routine to keep major hair care issues at bay and use dry shampoos on days when you don’t wash your hair. This is how you tackle greasy hair.