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Best Hair Masks You Can Use To Get Smooth & Shiny Hair

Hair Mask for Smooth Hair - Pantene
  1. What is a hair mask?
  2. Why should you use a hair mask?
  3. Which hair mask is right for my hair type?

Not every day is a good hair day, but you can always change it into one, courtesy of your trusted styling tools. While a straightener ensures that your hair looks sleek and manageable, a curling iron helps you flaunt bouncy curls. However, styling activities like curling, straightening, and colouring, together with environmental factors like sun, wind and pollution, can dull your hair’s shine and cause hair damage.

Does this mean you should give up on your beloved styling tools or stop experimenting with the latest hair colours? Absolutely not! What you need is a nourishing hair mask that will restore your hair’s lost sheen and give you smooth and shiny locks. But first let’s understand what exactly a hair mask does and why should you invest in one.

What is a hair mask?

Hair masks are getting a lot of attention these days, for all the right reasons. However, there are always some lingering queries around its usage, such as “are hair masks and conditioners the same?” or “which hair mask would suit my hair type?” A hair mask is different from your regular conditioner. It is more concentrated, thicker than a conditioner, and is left on your hair for a longer time to deliver a more intense treatment. 

Why should you use a hair mask?

Your hair goes through a lot in a single day. Whether it is heat styling or environmental stressors like pollution or sun exposure, your hair bears the brunt of everything. While your regular ‘shampoo and conditioner’ routine keeps your hair clean and nourished, you need something extra to deal with hair damage. This is where a hair mask steps in. Hair masks provide nourishing ingredients that are readily absorbed into your tresses and this deep treatment leaves you with softer, smoother hair. 

Think of a hair mask as a thicker, richer, and more intense version of a regular conditioner. Depending on the level of hair damage, you should use it once or twice a week. If your hair’s texture feels rough and dry, there are hair masks for dry hair that can revive and replenish them. A deep restorative hair mask gives your damaged hair a new lease of life and the much-needed TLC it deserves. To yield desired results, you need to leave the hair mask on for a specified time, ideally for 5-10 minutes. But if the damage is severe, leave it on for a longer time. It’s your go-to emergency hair treatment if you need to fix the damaged hair right away.

Why should you use a hair mask?

Choosing the right hair mask gives your hair the nourishment it needs. And Pantene’s range of hair masks is created to cater to your unique hair care needs and give you smooth and shiny hair. So, let’s look at the products best suited for your hair and understand how to use hair masks.

  • For nourishment- Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin
    Infused with biotin and a multi-supplement formula, Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin mimics the effects of the vitamin and works to nourish dry, brittle hair from the inside and give it a gorgeous shine. It improves your hair texture and strengthens the follicles to promote a better hair growth cycle, keeping hair damage at bay.
    How to use:

    Apply this hair mask for dry hair after shampooing. Comb it through your hair with your fingers and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it off completely.

  • For strengthening and repair- Pantene Miracle Mask Collagen
    Pantene Miracle Mask Collagen is created using collagen and a multi-supplement formula that uses the restorative properties of collagen to repair and revive damaged hair. It gives your dry, weak tresses a much-needed boost of nourishment. Plus, adding this reconstructive mask to your weekly hair care ritual can give you strong, soft, and touchable hair in no time.
    How to use:

    After shampooing, apply the hair mask to your tresses and comb it using your fingers. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse it off completely for smoother, shinier hair.

  • For deep shine - Pantene Shine Deep Conditioner Hair Mask & Cap
    Pantene Shine Deep Conditioner Hair Mask & Cap makes your hair soft and shiny in just ten minutes. It works just like a face mask, but for your hair. This deep conditioning hair mask is formulated using Pro-V blends, antioxidants, and lipids that transform tired, dull tresses into soft, beautiful, shiny hair. This hair mask comes with a reusable cap with a unique design.
    How to use:

    Wash your hair and towel dry it. Apply the hair mask from lengths to tips, then cover your hair with the cap. Leave it on for at least 10 mins and rinse it off thoroughly.

Damaged hair is not the end of the world. You can always rely on these Pantene hair masks to repair and replenish your tired tresses and flaunt hair that’s smooth and shiny as ever.