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Hair Spray 101: Here’s everything you need to know about hair sprays and the best ones to use

No Crush Hair Spay - Never Stray - Pantene
  1. What is a hairspray?
  2. How does hairspray work?
  3. Which Pantene hairspray should you use?

Hairsprays debuted on the beauty scene in the 1940s and have since been a constant in most hair care routines. From keeping your curls coiled, taming pesky flyaways to holding your quiff coiffed, hairsprays have proven to help people flaunt their desired hairdos. If you’re worried that those difficult-to-wash resin polymer hairsprays are the only options available, hear us out! The hairsprays used nowadays have undergone several formula changes, and the resultant hair product is gentle yet strong enough to give you professional hairstyles while giving your locks a natural hold and gorgeous shine.

Hairsprays are an excellent addition to your hair care arsenal but finding the right one that suits your hair type is more important. If you are having trouble finding the right one, we are here to help.

What is a hairspray?

A hairspray contains a mix of holding ingredients, which you can give credit to for your long-lasting hairstyles. Apart from offering an all-day hold, it also adds volume to your hair.

There are two types of hairsprays: aerosol and non-aerosol. Aerosol hairsprays offer a more even and widespread application. Whereas the non-aerosol hairsprays make use of pump-action that offers a more targeted spray. Also, non-aerosol hairsprays contain more water and less alcohol than the former.

How does hairspray work?

Hairsprays are created using polymers that basically form an invisible hairnet when you spray it on your hair. It coats your strands in a lightweight film and connects individual hair fibres wherever they happen to touch. The hairspray then dries out the intersections and the polymers bond and hold your hair in place. Unlike the previously used stiff hairsprays, the ones used today have come a long way and provide soft, beautiful hair with plenty of natural movement.

For the hairspray to work effectively, you should know how to use it. Most people assume that you should use the hairspray close to your roots to get the desirable results. However, spraying it too close to the roots might saturate your hair and make it appear greasy. So, hold the bottle at least 15 centimetres away from your head while spraying, for a better hold.

Why should you use a hair mask?

Hairsprays used in the previous/older generation were heavy and needed a lot of hard work in rinsing them out of your hair. But the newer, lighter formulas are different. They provide a firm hold and softness without leaving any residue or flaking on scalp. If you’re skeptical about using them, try the new Pantene Never Stray No Crunch Hair Spray. Created using a unique blend of bamboo, silk, and active Pro-V nutrients, this alcohol-free hairspray not only helps you style your hair effortlessly, but also keeps it hydrated, weightless and healthy. The Pantene hair spray gives your hair a brushable hold and allows you to glide your fingers effortlessly through it. Spray it evenly over your strands, allow it to set and you’re ready to rock whatever style you want. 

Hairsprays come in handy when you aren’t having a good hair day. Style your bedhead with the latest Pantene hairspray, and flaunt the hairdo you always desired.