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Here’s how to salvage bleach-damaged hair

How to salvage bleach-damaged hair

Healthy hair is the perfect canvas for you to try out different hair colours. But it’s not just the colour; you need to bleach your hair first. And this is what brings hair damage into the picture. We are talking about hair breakage from bleach, brittle ends, and dryness, which can lower your enthusiasm for getting your hair coloured. You will need a proper hair care routine to add lustre to dull hair and reverse whatever damage your tresses have sustained.

As your hair care experts, we will give you all the details about bleached hair that includes the best shampoo for bleach damaged hair and some easy hair care tips. Keep reading.

What happens when you bleach your hair?

We are all for colouring your hair. You have a wide range of vibrant hair colours to choose from, and the results are quite glamourous. However, with these gorgeous, eye-catching hair colours comes hair damage. When you bleach your hair to prep it for colouring, you are unintentionally opening the floodgates to hair damage.

Bleach strips of the protective oils and fibres of your hair, making your tresses more vulnerable to dryness and damage. Bleaching is an integral part of the hair colouring process as it has to go deep into the hair shaft to lift the colour. However, this causes the hair shaft to become thinner due to which your hair becomes more prone to damage.

So, does bleach damage hair forever?

A major concern about bleach-damaged hair is if the damage stays forever. Before you hit the panic button, we want you to know that this damage is not long-lasting. Some great hair products can help reverse the hair breakage from bleach and the other ill-effects of applying bleach to your hair. This, when combined with some TLC and a good hair care routine can make your hair healthy again.

Also, you have to let the hair damage grow out. With bleach-damaged hair, the ends are the ones that sustain the most damage. This is when you should schedule a salon visit for a haircut. As your hair grows, the new hair is untouched by bleach and is healthy. Though there will be the issue of contrasting roots, your hair strands will be healthy.

Tips for bleach-damaged hair care

The best way to reverse the damage caused by bleach is to create a special hair care routine. Your regular shampoo and conditioner might not be enough to salvage bleach damaged hair, which is why you need something more. Consider these tips that can help prevent hair breakage from bleach and repair and revive your hair.

Use colour-safe hair products
Regular shampoos and conditioners are perfect for normal hair. But for bleached hair, these won’t be sufficient. For healthy-looking hair, your bleached hair needs a shampoo and conditioner that will preserve your hair colour and make it more vibrant. You can use Pantene Colour Protection Shampoo for your coloured tresses. This colour-protection shampoo gently cleanses your hair and strengthens your colour-treated hair from inside out. The enriching formula is created using Pro-V nutrients that can improve the quality of your bleached hair and contains 0% paraffin, mineral oils, and colourants. This shampoo creates a protective layer around your hair and adds a radiant shine to your hair.
Follow this up with the Pantene Colour Protection Conditioner to moisturise your coloured hair, as it is infused with Pro-V nutrients. If you have over-bleached hair, you’ll need something stronger to repair and revive it. Try Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Colour Protection. This miracle conditioner is infused with Pantene’s innovative Pro-V formula and repairs up to 3 months of damage in 3 minutes. The micro-polishers in the conditioner refinishes your hair’s outer layer and gives you stronger, shinier hair.

No hot water for your hair
Hot water does nothing for your hair. As bleached hair is fragile, using hot water to wash your bleached tresses can cause further damage. Hot water strips your hair of its natural oils and this eventually leads to fading hair colour and dryness. So, when you get in the shower, turn down the water temperature.

Deep conditioning helps
Bleach-damaged hair needs something extra to repair the damage it has sustained. Deep conditioning gives your hair the nourishment it needs and penetrates the core of your mane to repair the damage. You can use Pantene Repair Deep Conditioner Hair Mask formulated with Pro-V blends, antioxidants, and lipids, as it can repair damaged hair within minutes.

Use a leave-in treatment
Bleach-damaged hair is quite prone to dryness. If your hair tends to become dry through the day, a leave-in treatment will prove useful. You can try Pantene Love Your Smooth Leave-In Crème. This leave in treatment is enriched with a unique Pro-V formula that transforms dry hair into smooth, frizz-free, and gorgeous hair.

Always use a heat protectant
Since you went through the gruelling bleaching session for the perfect hair colour, you would want it to stay for a longer period. Your styling tools will have quite the contrary effect. To prevent your hair colour from fading prematurely, consider using a heat protectant to protect your delicate tresses and seal in shine.

Hair breakage after bleaching is quite common. But with the right amount of TLC and the hair products specially created for coloured hair, you can reverse this hair damage. Your luscious locks will appear vibrant and you can keep the hair damage in check.