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Here’s why your hair needs deep conditioning

Your Hair Needs Deep Conditioning - Pantene

Your hair care arsenal might consist of shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, serums, and a slew of other products that make your hair look beautiful. But, do you use a deep conditioner? At some point in time, everyone has experienced situations where their hair has become frizzy, dry, damaged and dull. What if we tell you that deep conditioning is the answer to these hair care woes? Deep conditioners have the capacity to protect your delicate tresses. Now let’s address all your questions about deep conditioning.

What is deep conditioning?

Deep conditioning involves coating your hair with nourishing products like conditioners or hair oils. This is a useful technique to restore the moisture your hair loses owing to environmental stresses or frequent styling. What better way to add moisture to your dehydrated hair than using a moisturising conditioner? This is where deep conditioning is your best bet.

What are the benefits of deep conditioning?

Deep conditioning has managed to become quite popular with everyone due to its numerous benefits. They are:

The daily wear and tear coupled with heat-styling drains the natural moisture from your hair. Deep conditioning improves your hair’s moisture content and keeps it hydrated. Moreover, deep conditioning products contain humectants (substances that promote the retention of water) which draw moisture to your hair shaft. This eventually reduces hair damage and breakage.

Adds shine to your hair
Deep conditioning can help breathe a new life into your dull hair. On using a deep conditioner, your hair gets the nutrients it’s lacking. When your hair receives enough nourishment and an intense dose of hydration, a gorgeous natural shine is not far away.

Reduces damage
If your hair is subjected to different types of styling then it becomes more prone to breakage as it doesn’t get the hydration it needs. With regular deep conditioning, your hair will receive the required nutrients. Plus, it also plays a major role in repairing and strengthening your tresses, preventing breakage, and protecting it against future damage.

How to deep condition your hair?

If you are new to deep conditioning treatments, you’ll need help to get it right. Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to deep condition your hair that will ultimately give you the results you desire.


Deep condition once a week
As impressive as deep conditioning’s nourishing and repairing properties sound, it is advisable to do it only once a week. A deep conditioner is more intensive than your regular conditioner as it contains more concentrated ingredients. Hence, avoid using it as a replacement for your regular conditioner. Instead, chalk out some time for deep conditioning during your weekend and carry on with you your weekend's leisure activities.

Massage your hair
Massaging your hair is the key to ensure that your hair soaks in all the nutrients a deep conditioner has to offer. After you apply the conditioner, give your hair a good, relaxing massage. You have to apply it to your mid-lengths and work your way towards the tips.

Rinse with cold water
Do not use hot water to rinse your hair. That’s literally washing out your hard work. Instead, use cold water. Your hair cuticles will thank you. Washing your hair with cold water gives your hair cuticles a smoother finish and locks in the much-needed moisture your hair needs. The result? Smooth, silky hair that’s full of life.


Do not use intensive treatments on fine hair
As deep conditioning is an intensive form of treatment, the effect it might have on fine, thin hair might not be quite pleasant. But, don’t lose heart over this. Even if these heavy formulas won’t be suitable for your hair type, regular conditioners will do just fine. You can explore the wide range of Pantene Conditioners here.

Do not apply deep conditioner to your scalp
Just like regular conditioner, deep conditioners are also meant for your hair strands and not the scalp. Your scalp generates sebum to keep your hair roots moisturised and can make your hair a bit greasy. Adding a moisturising conditioner to the roots will only make your scalp and hair greasy.

Do not rush the process
Deep conditioning requires patience. Don’t just apply it and wash it off immediately. Give your hair a minute or two to absorb the nutrients that a deep conditioning treatment has to offer.

The best deep conditioning treatments

If you need some good suggestions about which deep conditioner is ideal for you, Pantene has a lot to offer.

• The Pantene Repair Deep Conditioner Hair Mask & Cap is ideal for dry, damaged hair that needs immediate attention. This deep conditioning mask is formulated using nourishing Pro-V blends, antioxidants, and lipids that transform dry hair into soft, beautiful hair that you can’t stop touching.

• If you are in search of a deep conditioner for curly hair, you have come to the right place. Pantene Gold Series Deep Moisture Hair Mask & Cap is the right deep conditioner for curly hair. This overnight deep hair mask is infused with Argan oil and packed with Pro-V nutrients, antioxidants, and lipids, that gives you soft, frizz-free curls!

• Dry hair lacks shine, and if you desire to bring back your hair’s lost sheen, you can try Pantene Shine Deep Conditioner Hair Mask & Cap. This nourishing hair mask can transform your dull, tired tresses in 10 minutes! With an enriching formula that contains Pro-V nutrients, lipids, and antioxidants, this deep conditioning formula gives you soft and shiny hair in no time.

• If you are pinched for time and still need something effective to revive and repair your damaged hair, check out Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle range. These conditioners offer the much-needed nourishment to fine hair as well.

Making deep conditioning a part of your hair care routine can seriously up your hair game. A nourishing formula and some TLC is all you need to transform your hair that is strong, healthy, and beautiful.