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Effective Ways to Fix Damaged Hair

3 Tips for Damaged Hair
  1. What is hair made of?
  2. What happens when hair is damaged?
  3. Types of hair damage
  4. What causes hair damage?
  5. How to fix hair damage?
  6. When to see a doctor?

One day it’s soft curls, the next day it’s gorgeous beach hair. Tie your hair into a messy bun if you aren’t feeling up to it, or if you are feeling adventurous, why not try out some bold hair colours! However, this incessant styling and experimenting comes at a cost—hair damage. Constantly subjecting your delicate tresses to heat styling, harsh hair colours, and hairstyles can make your hair dry, brittle, and takes you down the dreaded path of hair damage.

In most cases, with some TLC and the right hair care regimen, it is possible to reverse the damage your hair sustains. So, how to fix damaged hair? Before we tell you how, let’s dive into details about hair that can help you carve out your own hair care regimen.

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