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In The Swim

Chlorine Damaged Hair Kit- Pantene

Pools are so fab, arent they? Theres nothing like perfecting a flawless dive, doing muscle-toning laps, or just frolicking in the cool water on a blazing day. It all sounds heavenly -- until you think about the fact that the pool water is loaded with chlorine, which practically obliterates your hair, making it tangled and dry. Plus, the copper in pool cleansers can oxidize on hair, turning blonde tresses green (the Statue of Liberty effect). The good news is, theres no need to let these hair-harmers ruin your pool experience!


Before even dipping your toes in the water, make sure to take a shower, dousing your hair in water. Your hair acts like a sponge, so if you allow it to soak up the fresh water, itll take in less of the chlorine-spiked H20. Then, coat your hair with a moisturizing leave-in conditioner to help act as a barrier against chemicals, while also hydrating your tresses. After your swim, rinse the chlorine and mineral deposits out of your hair immediately. If you dont mind spending the extra cash, use bottled water or club soda to ensure that youre rinsing with the freshest water. Follow up with a detoxifying shampoo and conditioner.


One of the side effects of chlorine is terrible tangling, which disrupts the cuticle and causes rough, weak strands. Before swimming, prevent knots by slicking wet hair into a high ponytail, then wrapping hair around the elastic, creating a bun. For extra insurance against chlorine-damage, slip on a tight swim cap. If youre a serious swimmer, you could even try a cute short cut, like a pixie or a bob, to help take some of the stress out of your routine.


The best way to rid your tresses of chlorine and pool cleansers is with a purifying, detoxifying system. Use Pantenes Damage Detox Daily Revitalizing Shampoo and Daily Rebuild Conditioner every day to nourish hair and help rid your strands of impurities. In conjunction with this regimen, once a week use the Weekly Deep Cleanse Purifying Shampoo and Deep Restoration Complex Weekly Rehab Crème both of which intensify your detox and infuse pool-frazzled tresses with serious moisture.