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What is a micellar shampoo and how does it work?

Pantene Micellar Shampoo
  1. What is micellar technology?
  2. Benefits of using shampoo with micellar water
  3. How is micellar shampoo different from regular shampoo?
  4. About Pantene Micellar Series

Most women struggle with an oily scalp and greasy hair, which acts as a magnet for dirt and other impurities. However, shampooing oily hair daily every day will only worsen the condition and contribute to hair damage. You need something strong yet gentle to clean your scalp and leave your hair feeling lightweight and smelling great. Seems like an impossible task, right? It isn’t. This is where micellar steps in.

Believe it or not, micellar water is more than just a humble makeup cleanser. Micellar technology has become quite popular owing to its amazing cleansing properties. And now, this gentle, game-changing cleanser has found its way into shampoos and conditioners as well. So, let us help you understand how it can transform your hair.

What is micellar technology?

Shampoos that use ‘micellar technology’ make use of mild surfactants (cleansing agents). These cleansing agents possess both oil and water-loving properties that help the molecules in micellar hair products to attach to the oil and other impurities in your hair, making it easier to wash them away. So, you can go ahead and experiment with new hairstyles and styling activities because Micellar shampoos are here to clean your hair and keep them healthy and strong.

Benefits of using shampoo with micellar water

  • Gentle cleansing:

    Micellar shampoos are gentle cleansers. They go easy on your scalp and remove all the impurities without stripping your hair of its natural oils.

  • Protects colour-treated hair:

    If you want to protect the vibrancy of your colour-treated hair and make it last longer, micellar shampoos are a great option. They preserve your hair’s natural texture and colour and give you a shiny and healthy mane.

  • Gives you fresh, feather-light, and free-flowing hair:

    Micellar shampoos clean your hair without weighing it down. The lightweight formula works wonders, especially for fine, flat hair.

How is micellar shampoo different from regular shampoo?

Regular shampoos also offer cleansing and moisturising properties. However, hair products that make use of micellar technology are slightly different from the regular shampoos and conditioners. Micellar shampoos use micelles—formed when the molecules of mild surfactants fuse together— that gently remove dirt and oil from your hair, and leave them hydrated and soft.

About Pantene Micellar Series

For hair that has been damaged, owing to environmental stressors or frequent styling, show some TLC with Pantene Micellar Series that gently nourish dry, damaged tresses hair and transform it into beautiful, shiny hair in no time. 

If your hair needs gentle cleansing, Pantene Micellar Gentle Cleansing Shampoo is the right pick for you. Designed to protect your hair’s natural texture, this shampoo is infused with a Pro-V blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, antioxidants, sea salt, and micelles; removes impurities and is gentle for daily use. You can pair this micellar shampoo with Pantene Micellar Gentle Nourishing Conditioner that contains moisturising lipids that conditions your hair and leaves it strong, soft, and flowing.

If your hair is dry and needs moisture and gentle cleansing, try Pantene Rosewater Restoring Shampoo. It gives dry, damaged hair an intense dose of hydration and keeps it moisturised till the next wash. This hydrating micellar shampoo is crafted using nutrient-infused Pro-V formula consisting of Pro-Vitamin B5 and B3, antioxidants, micelles, and rosewater extracts from Rosa Gallica. You’ll notice the change from the first wash and soon enough, your dry and dull hair will transform into petal-soft healthy hair. For best results, you can pair this shampoo with Pantene Rosewater Moisture Restoring Conditioner.

Hair products that are created using micellar technology are gentle on your hair, leaving it feeling refreshed and clean without weighing it down. Plus, it is best suited for everyday use as well. Using micellar hair products is a viable alternative to expensive salon treatments. Get smooth, refreshing, free-flowing hair with Pantene Micellar Series.