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Everything you Need to Know about Hair Ampoules

Intense Collagen Miracle Shots
  1. What is a hair ampoule?
  2. How to use ampoules for hair?
  3. So, how to use ampoules for hair?

Your hair goes through a lot in a day and this wear and tear often results in hair damage in the form of dry hair, split ends and even hair frizz. However, you could try to reverse hair damage nd so you need is the right hair treatment to help you. Enter hair ampoule - a hair care miracle that revives damaged hair and gives salon-like finish from the comfort of your home. Let’s explore this mini-miracle worker and see how it transforms your hair.

What is a hair ampoule?

Hair ampoules are small tubes or vials that are “supercharged” with active ingredients to give you desirable results quickly. These are slightly different from regular hair treatments as they contain active ingredients and can be used every day for a specific period of time, unlike hair masks that are used on a weekly basis. The active ingredients in these intense shots are strong and can treat various hair conditions like *hair loss, weak and brittle hair, and dryness caused by frequent styling or environmental stressors. These hair products are all you need to condition dry hair and give yourself a makeover within minutes. If you wish to try hair ampoules, check out Pantene ampoules that are formulated to make every day a good hair day. 

Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Biotin and Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Collagen are ideal for coloured and heat-styled hair. These Pantene Ampoules are infused with biotin and collagen respectively. The formulas help tonourish and repair your hair and leave you with softer and healthier hair. The ampoules are lifesavers in situations when your hair needs a quick and effective dose of nourishment.

How to use ampoules for hair?

The best part about these hair ampoules is that they are hassle-free and easy to use. After you finish shampooing your hair, instead of using your regular conditioner, use either of these Pantene Ampoules as per your hair care needs. Apply the entire contents of the ampoule tube to your damp hair, covering it all the way from root to tip. You can get generous with these ampoules since they contain just the right amount of treatment for one use. Now wait for one minute and rinse it off and let your hair air dry. Your hair appears shinier, healthier, and stronger!

So, how do hair ampoules work?

The Pantene ampoules contain hair-loving super-ingredients that are readily absorbed into your hair. The smooth formula spreads easily, soaks into your hair strands and deeply repair and nourish them. Instead of simply conditioning your hair to make it appear smoother for a few hours, these hair ampoules get right to the root of the hair care problem and treat it from the inside.

  • Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Biotin

    This hair ampoule is created using biotin and multi-supplement formula that’s approved by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. The Pantene Ampoule uses the nourishing properties of biotin and repairs the visible signs of damage that dulls your hair’s shine. Derived from the Greek word "biotos", which literally translates to "life", the Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Biotin breathes new life into dry, damaged hair and transforms it into lush, hydrated hair in minutes.

  • Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Collagen

    The Pantene Ampoule is designed to give you great hair days. Created using collagen and a multi-supplemented formula, this ampoule repairs damaged hair in no time. Collagen is known to add shine to dull and damaged tresses. By using the repairing properties of this protein, and combining it with other purposeful ingredients, this ampoule works to repair damaged hair. It strengthens your hair from the inside and gives your hair a resilient shine that’s hard to miss. These ampoules give your hair flexibility and strengthen it to withstand styling and environmental stresses.

Pantene Ampoules are your knights in golden armour. With regular use, witness your hair transform into sleek, strong, and shiny hair that is so beautiful that you cannot stop touching it.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.