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Best Pantene Hair Treatments For Different Types Of Hair Damage

Best hair treatments for damaged hair
  1. What causes hair to get damaged?
  2. Hair problems and best hair treatments

Your hair goes through a lot in a single day; sweat after hitting the gym, environmental stressors, and heat from styling appliances. All these factors and more can definitely lead to a bad hair day. Let’s take a look at the causes of hair damage before we delve deeper into the best hair treatments that can transform your hair.

What causes hair to get damaged?

There can be one underlying cause of hair damage or a combination of several. Dryness, hair frizz and split ends are some of the signs of hair damage you might see. This occurs when the outer part of your hair, the cuticle, is damaged. This exposes the inner core of the hair and makes it vulnerable. Here are some of the other common factors:

  • Heat styling
    Heat styling gives you pretty and manageable hair but alters your hair’s natural shape. Constant heat exposure makes hair weak and brittle. Plus, heat styling has the potential to cause long-lasting damage to your tresses. Also, if your hair hasn’t been washed after the last time you used a styling product, applying heat can cause the product to react, affecting your scalp and hair. So be mindful and selective of the number of times you use a hair dryer or styling products.

  • Over-washing
    Everyone loves squeaky clean hair but washing every single day can strip your hair of its natural oils and weaken the strands, leading to breakage. People with oily hair tend to face this dilemma since washing their hair is the only way to remove the extra sebum that attracts dirt and other impurities. So wash your hair every alternate day instead of everyday and see how your hair feels over time.

  • Diet
    What you eat has an impact on your overall health, including your hair. For your hair to stay healthy, a balanced diet is a must. When your hair receives all the nourishment it needs, it is strong from the inside and has a naturally, healthy shine to it. Add foods rich in zinc, folic acid, and iron to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair damage. Foods like eggs, green leafy vegetables, dried beans and lentils are healthy additions to your diet and contribute to making your tresses healthy and strong.

Now let’s take a look at the best hair treatments that rejuvenate your hair and give it a new lease on life.

Hair problems and best hair treatments

Different hair problems require different hair treatments. Instead of going in for expensive salon treatment to cater to your hair, try the Pantene Hair Treatment range. These Pro-V treatments give you smooth, soft hair in minutes. Treat yourself to the bestselling formulas that are designed to strengthen, smooth, and improve your hair’s elasticity.

Best treatment for hair damage by heat styling 

Pantene Miracle Mask Collagen offers a nourishing boost to your hair that has been damaged by heat styling. And what’s more, it repairs hair damage in 5 minutes! Add this nourishing, reconstructing hair mask to your weekly hair care routine, and watch your hair transform. The collagen in the hair mask helps repair your hair from the inside out. Collagen is known to protect your hair from external sources of damage. That combined with the multi-supplement infused formula transforms weak, damaged hair into strong, healthy hair that shines.

How to use: After you shampoo your hair, comb the mask through it with your fingers and leave it in for 5 minutes and wash it off completely. That is all it takes to revive your damaged hair. 

Best treatment for dry, brittle hair by chlorine 

Everybody loves jumping in the pool, but the water can be tough on your hair. In fact, the hair damage caused from chlorine can include changing the colour of your hair, weakening of hair strands, and finally, split ends!  Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin helps to nourish and revive damaged hair. This nourishing hair mask makes use of the properties of biotin and transforms dry, brittle hair to nourished, smooth tresses in 5 minutes!  

How to use: Once you shampoo your hair, comb the mask through it with your fingers and leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse it off completely. Your hair starts looking and feeling healthy after the first use. 

For severe damage 

These hair masks from Pantene are infused with collagen or biotin along with a multi-supplement formula that can repair damage your hair has sustained. However, if your hair needs more love from all the heat styling and colouring, and you require an immediate solution to your hair dilemma, you have Pantene Ampoules to save the day. Pantene Intense Miracles Shots Biotin and Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Collagen are hair ampoules crafted with supercharged ingredients that can repair damaged hair in no time! 

How to use: After you shampoo your hair, instead of your regular conditioner, use either of these Pantene Ampoules. Apply the content of the ampoules to your damp hair and spread it from root to tip. Wait for 1 minute and rinse it off completely. Your hair looks and feels healthier, stronger, and gorgeous.

Protecting your hair against damage can be a challenging task, but one that needs to be done. With the right hair care routine and the hair products, you can reverse the damage inflicted on your locks.