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Gorgeous hairstyles for your sleek, fine hair

Gorgeous Hairstyles for your Sleek

A high ponytail or a simple slicked-back hairstyle looks gorgeous on women with fine hair. However, this hair type also comes with its own fair share of struggles like oily scalp and greasy tresses. Plus, fine hair cannot hold curls or intricate hairdos for a long time. You can trust volumising or texture hair sprays to give your hair a pick-me-up whenever necessary. But if you want to add more bounce to your tresses, try these gorgeous hairstyles for fine hair.

Top 10 fine hairstyles to try!

The slick, easy hairdo

Top 10 Fine Hairstyles To Try - Pantene

This is the easiest hairstyle for fine hair that doesn’t involve a lot of work. Straighten your hair to make it appear sleek, smooth, and shiny. Add a dollop of hair gel, starting from your hairline back to the crown of your head. Use a fine-tooth comb to distribute the product evenly across your hair and style it to perfection.

The old-school wave

The old-school wave - Pantene

For styling fine hair in the classic 1950s wavy hairdo, you’ll need a curling iron and some rollers to add volume and waves to your long sleek tresses.

The bold side parting

Pantene - The bold side parting

Forget the age-old myth that short hair, especially short fine hair, cannot be styled! This is perhaps one of the easiest short hairstyles for fine hair. All you have to do is part your hair on one side and your chin-length bob will become the star of the show. The side parting will also enhance your cheekbones and frame your face wonderfully. And it looks great on women across all age groups.

The sleek bun

The sleek bun | Pantene

We simply love the bun! It’s so versatile that it makes all hair types look effortlessly chic. Start by straightening your hair as it makes it easier to style. You can also apply a serum to add more shine to your tresses. Now create a sleek parting in the middle or on one side, whichever way you like it and dab some styling gel to ensure that the parting stays in place. Now pull all your hair back tightly and let it sit low on your neck. Secure it with a hair tie and twist the ponytail to wrap it into a bun. And you are ready to rock your sleek hairdo.

Wavy ponytail and bangs
The best part about fine hair is that your bangs will always look gorgeous. You don’t have to straighten it every time you go out. Brush your hair to remove tangles, secure it into a ponytail and tease a bit to soften the look. Now get those hair tongs out and curl your hair, section-wise, around the barrel and rock it up and down, to form a wave. Repeat it for the entire ponytail and then dress your hair with fingers. Pull the ponytail wider in different directions to make it appear voluminous. You can straighten your bangs so that they fall effortlessly on your forehead.

The flipped-out bob

The flipped-out bob - Pantene

If you aren’t afraid of experimenting, then the flipped-out bob might just be the right short hairstyle for fine hair. Wash your hair and part it on the side. Now divide your hair into two vertical sections. Clip one section while you work on the other side. Apply a dollop of mousse starting from mid-length up to the tips of your hair and distribute the product evenly. Now using a round brush, curl the ends and blow-dry it. Repeat it for all the sections of your hair. You can spice things up by adding some textured waves.

Pixie with a nape undercut
If you are bold enough to cut your long locks and try short hairstyles for fine hair, then the pixie with a nape undercut might be a great option. This will look great, especially, if you have fine dark hair. You can jazz things up with some blonde or ash blonde hair colour as two-tone pixie cuts are quite a rage these days.

Stacked bob with wispy bangs

Stacked bob with wispy bangs - Pantene

This short hairstyle for fine hair gives your hair the much-needed volume and makes it look thicker. These wispy bangs are a great way to draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes. While styling fine hair this way, you can add some texture spray to add more texture to it.

The mismatched length bob
If you are feeling adventurous, try the mismatched length bob for your fine hair. The asymmetrical cuts allow one side of your hair to have more weight than the other. Do you know what this means? More texture! Plus, it doesn’t take a long time to style it either. Simply use a flat-iron to style a few hair strands in the front and scrunch the ends for an elegant and chic finish.

The wispy pixie cut
A major advantage of having fine hair is that it looks killer when transformed into a wispy, pixie cut. Since you already have soft and light texture, it gives your hair a feathery quality when you opt for this hairstyle. You might have to deal with pesky flyaways, but a wax will do the trick to keep your short hair in place.

Hair products for fine hair

Now that you know about the various hairstyles for fine hair that can give your hair the much-needed volume, wouldn’t it be great if you finally found some hair products that fortify fine hair and strengthen them against styling damage? Try these volumising hair products from Pantene that give you strong, gorgeous hair that you always dreamt of.

Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner This shampoo from Pantene is created with Pro-V nutrients to strengthen fine hair and add volume to your fine tresses. This lightweight, volumising shampoo contains 0% silicones and micro-boosters that make hair feel and shiny. Free from paraffin, mineral oils, and colourants, this Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Shampoo protects your tresses against any styling damage and helps them reach their full volume potential. For desired results, follow up with Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner.

Pantene Ultimate 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo You can style fine hair in whichever way you want, but before that you need something that will protect your tresses from any damage. Enter Pantene Ultimate 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo. This gentle cleansing shampoo is created with active Pro-V nutrients to strengthen your hair from inside-out. It repairs any styling damage and restores your hair’s lost sheen. With 0% silicones, this shampoo from Pantene will leave your hair looking healthier, smoother, and shinier. And you can say goodbye to your split ends as well!

Pantene Long & Strong Conditioner How about a gentle, nourishing conditioner that protects and strengthens your fine hair? Pantene Long & Strong Conditioner does exactly that. Created with Pro-V nutrients, it protects and strengthens your hair from root to tip. Experience reduced *hair fall due to damage and flaunt gorgeous hair that is strong inside-out.

Styling fine hair can be tricky, but with these trendy hairstyles and products from Pantene, you can easily get voluminous and bouncy hair from the comfort of your homes.

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage.