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Best Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Vitanims for healthy Hair - Pantene
  1. What vitamins are good for hair?
  2. Hair vitamins: Biotin and B5
  3. Vitamins for healthy hair: Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Blend

Healthy hair requires a lot of work! You have to protect your delicate tresses from environmental stressors, use hair products that suit your hair type, create a hair washing schedule, and let’s not forget, you also need to consume a balanced diet— the list is endless.

What you eat has a direct impact on your hair health, and a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals pave the way for strong, healthy and lustrous locks. To ensure that your hair is getting enough nutrients to stay strong from the inside, how about adding products to your hair care kit that contain some essential vitamins? Let’s find out how this works.

What vitamins are good for hair?

Vitamins, in general, are good for your overall health. And what’s good for your health has to be good for your hair as well, right? For your hair to stay strong and healthy, it needs a regular supply of protein and hair vitamins such as vitamin B12, B3, A, C, D, biotin, essential fatty acids, and trace elements zinc, selenium, and copper. To maximise the benefits of these nutrients, consider adding to your diet dark, leafy vegetables, which are excellent sources of vitamin A and C, and calcium and iron. Also, increase your intake of green peas and dark vegetables for multivitamins, and carrots for vitamin A. 

Hair vitamins: Biotin and B5

Hair vitamins are those hair care miracles that nourish your tresses and make them stronger from the inside. Instead of opting for temporary fixes, using hair products that mimic the properties of these hair vitamins, will strengthen your hair and give it a healthy sheen.

• Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a big role in your bodily functions. What makes biotin one of the best hair vitamins is its essential role in building the keratin infrastructure. Keratin is vital for good hair, nails, and skin, and without biotin, it cannot function to its full potential. Biotin is that protein-building element that strengthens and thickens your hair follicles to their maximum potential. When your hair loses shine and breaks easily, use biotin for hair. It will strengthen your hair and protect it from further damage.

• Another effective hair vitamin that gives you great hair is vitamin B5. Also known as panthenol, vitamin B5 is a popular ingredient used in hair products around the world. It penetrates to the core of your hair, gets absorbed readily into your cells, and gives your hair an intense dose of moisture. This hair vitamin prevents moisture loss and smoothens the cuticle of each hair strand. Also, this hydrating vitamin works wonders for dry hair as it conditions your scalp and prevents dryness.

Apart from your diet, Pantene products can also help your hair get the essential vitamins required to flaunt shiny, healthy hair.

Vitamins for healthy hair: Pantene Pro-V Nutrient Blend

When you talk about hair vitamins or the best vitamins for hair growth, Pantene occupies the centre stage. Back in the ‘40s, intensive care doctors discovered that the sites where vitamin B5 was used, hair became thicker and stronger. This gave rise to a slew of queries about how to replicate the benefits of vitamin B5 in hair care, and that’s how Pantene’s Pro-V blend was born. The rest, as you know it, is history. The nourishing Pro-V blend formula is recognised by the Swiss Vitamin Institute, an official body that analyses the vitamin levels in food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals that are related to public health. Pantene’s wide range of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products are created using this iconic Pro-V blend to bring you closer to your dream hair. 

• Infused with biotin and a multi-supplement formula, Pantene Miracle Mask Biotin is the perfect addition to your weekly hair care routine. This reconstructing and nourishing hair mask uses the properties of biotin to strengthen your hair from the inside. For dull tresses that have lost their shine and appear lifeless, using biotin for hair will restore its healthy sheen. This hair mask gives your hair deep nourishment to repair any damage it has sustained over time. It even preserves your natural hair texture. 

Pantene’s Micellar Series that include Micellar Rosewater Moisture Restoring Collection, Charcoal Root Purifying Collection, Micellar Gentle Nourishing Collection, and Aloe Vera Gentle Hydrating Collection, make use of Pro-Vitamin B5 in their nutrient-infused formulas. This haircare range focuses primarily on offering a gentle cleanse without stripping your hair’s natural oils and giving them the moisture they need to stay healthy and strong.

Using vitamins for hair growth can work as they nourish your hair and create a healthy environment for them to grow without sustaining damage. Now that you know hair vitamins play a big role in keeping your hair healthy, make the most of these benefits with these vitamin-rich Pantene hair products.