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Colour Protect Foam Conditioner

100% Conditioning and 0% weight- this is how you describe Pantene Colour Protect Foam Conditioner! This air-light foam conditioner for fine, coloured hair protects and revives your tresses, and leaves your hair feeling vibrant and full of life!




About Pantene Colour Protect Foam Conditioner:
With 100% conditioning and 0% weight, Pantene Pro-V Colour Protect air-light foam conditioner gives fine and coloured hair all the conditioning and nourishment it needs, WITHOUT weighing it down. This colour protect foam conditioner protects your colour-treated hair against any styling damage and leaves it easy to detangle. Your hair appears full and voluminous! This Pantene Foam Conditioner's air-light foamy texture is absorbed deep into your tresses and it does an incredible job of moisturising your hair inside-out. Also, there's no unwanted residue on the outside that can weigh down fine hair.

Who should use it:
This colour conditioner is best-suited for fine, coloured, or highlighted hair.

When to use it:
You can use this conditioner after every wash.

How to use it:
Apply a palm-size amount of this air-light foam conditioner from the roots all the way to the tips. Adjust the quantity according to your hair length. Let it absorb into the hair, then rinse it off. Dry and style your hair as usual – enjoy the lightness

For best results:
For vibrant, strong hair, use this conditioner with Pantene Pro-V Colour Protection Shampoo.

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