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Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Collagen



Hair miracles do come true! Repair dry, brittle hair caused by styling with Pantene Intense Collagen Miracle Shots.

The one-minute treatment from Pantene is created with collagen and multi-supplement infused formula, and the vitamin level is tested by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. This enriching formula helps transform dry, brittle hair and make it stronger inside out. You can now style your hair however you want without the fear of damage holding you back. Say goodbye to the signs of hair damage* and watch your hair become healthy, strong^, and shiny in no time. These Pantene Intense Miracle Shots get to the root cause of damage and deeply repair hair damage. #daretodoXTRA! With our Collagen shots.

(*repairing hair surface damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo, with regular Pantene regimen use ^against breakage)

How to Use


After washing your hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner, disperse the ampoule into your hair


Apply onto damp hair - targeting areas that need extra care - and massage from mid-length to ends for one minute or longer


Rinse thoroughly


Our Pantene Intense Miracle Shot is infused with

Nourishing blends

Good for you & the planet

Tested by the Swiss vitamin institute

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