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Finally, we are talking Vitamins! Vitamins have always had a way of helping the human body. We know that low vitamins levels are linked to numerous medical conditions like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and even skin health. Then why should hair be an exception? It requires nourishment too. If your hair doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, it gets into a stress mode, just like your body. And why would it not?

It’s only fair to treat your hair just like the rest of your body. Choose the right kind of vitamins for faster hair growth and you’ll be surprised. Read more to see what this simple lifestyle change can do for you.


The answer is simple. They work just like how they do for your body and skin. Vitamins nourish your hair from the inside. Not only do they make your hair strong and healthy, they also increase hair production and quality. Start believing in the power of vitamins and you will see that change.


A natural solution to getting your vitamin levels in order is a healthy diet. This means food rich in proteins, vitamins (A, B7, C, and E), minerals (zinc, iron) and omega-3 fatty acids. Vitamins for hair growth, available as over-the-counter pills can also be a good start. They usually contain B complex vitamins, iron, proteins and vitamin D. Experts say that vitamins that promote hair growth can do wonders when taken in right amounts. So, make sure you fulfil your hair’s requirements with regular nourishment.


Pantene’s iconic Pro-Vitamin formula provides an easy way to take in all the best vitamins for *hair loss problems. It strengthens even the weakest part of your hair, giving you stronger hair from root to tip. The Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin series is the result of years of scientific research and goes beyond just shampoos and conditioners. It contains a mix of active hair nutrients and Pantene’s popular Pro-Vitamin B5 to provide full protection: Inside-out. Try out Pantene’s Pro-V Core Benefits series for softer, smoother and stronger hair. To maintain your hair quality, go through a few hair growth tips mentioned at the end.


So, what’s the big deal about Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula? It’s interesting because it was accidently discovered in the 1940s. It happened when scientists from a Swiss drug company were trying out a new treatment for serious skin injuries. In the process, they saw that the hair in the treated area grew stronger and thicker than the rest of the body. What was this magic formula? It was Pro-Vitamin B5. This discovery eventually inspired the creation of Pantene and transformed the world of hair care. Since then, the Pro-Vitamin formula has gone through many changes to ensure that Pantene remains one of the world’s famous hair care brands.

Here’s something extra: Quick tips on how to grow hair faster: 1. Choose the right products for your hair 2. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly 3. Focus on a healthy nutrient-rich diet 4. Nourish your hair with the best hair growth vitamins 5. Avoid combing wet hair 6. Stay away from heat and chemical treatments

Engage in this exercise often and you will be amazed at the results!

*All references on this page refers to hair fall or hair loss due to breakage