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8 easy hair hacks to follow for voluminous hair

8 easy hair hacks to follow for voluminous hair

A low bun or ponytail is a practical choice for people with fine hair. But when it comes to experimenting with textured waves or any other intricate hairdo with curls, it becomes an uphill battle. Reason? There’s not enough hair volume for fine hair to hold a curl for more than 15 minutes, and it falls flat mid-day. Considering hair volume is the answer to most of your styling woes, we have some great tips on how to volumise your hair.

The science behind hair volume

Before you start adding ‘hair volumising products’ to your cart, you should understand how hair volume works. With age, your hair changes its texture, porosity, colour and density, and can become thinner and flatter over time. Each hair strand is made of a structural protein called keratin and surrounded by an outer layer called cuticle. Constant wear and tear can cause these hair cuticle cells to rise and weaken, which makes your hair rough and prone to breakage. And with time, the hair follicles start producing thinner hair that makes them appear volumeless.

Why do you have fine hair?

Your genes determine a lot of things about you, including your hair volume. They decide if you’ll have fine and thin, thick or coarse hair. Plus, ageing, medications, stress, hormonal conditions, and even frequent heat styling can trigger hair thinning and have a negative effect on voluminous hair.

How to get voluminous hair?

There are some tried and tested ways for increasing hair volume that include following some basic dos and don’ts of hair care and using products that help in adding volume to your hair.

Dos for voluminous hair

Get a haircut
Long hair can develop frayed ends. And, if you have long, fine hair, it will look flatter by default. You can fix this with a haircut. Chop a couple of inches off your hair to add body to your tresses. A long bob looks wonderful and if you are in mood to experiment, go for a short bob or pixie that will help you improve your hair volume.

Switch the parting of your hair
This simple hack helps in adding volume to your hair. Since your hair is used to the same parting, it feels flatter naturally. So, try switching the parting from the centre to either of the sides as it’s one of the quickest ways to add hair volume and make it appear fuller.

Air dry your tresses
Since fine hair is brittle, it’s better to let it air dry, instead of using a blow-dryer. When your hair is exposed to the heat released from the blow-dryer, it becomes prone to damage. Also, gently blot your hair, instead of rubbing it after a shower. You can then comb in a root booster or a volumising spray at the crown and let your hair dry on its own.

Use dry shampoo
Frequently shampooing your hair can cause hair damage. Instead of shampooing every day, make dry shampoo your new hair buddy. It not only keeps your hair clean and gets rid of dirt and oil, but also adds volume to your hair.

Don’ts for voluminous hair

Don’t dry your hair from above
This simple hair hack works well and is the easiest answer to “how to get more volume in your hair?” Instead of drying your hair from above, lower your head so that it falls in front of your face and direct the air from your roots to tips. This will give your hair some added body and make it appear voluminous.

Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp
Your conditioner is meant for the roots and not your scalp. Since your scalp already has enough natural oils to keep your hair nourished, applying a conditioner will make it greasy.

Don’t use a lot of hair product
Though hair products help add volume to your hair, you need to consider the length and texture of your tresses too. Using too much of any product can weigh your hair down and make it appear oily or dull.

Don’t opt for a layered haircut
Layers look amazing on naturally voluminous hair. But if you have fine locks and are thinking about getting volume in your hair, do not opt for a layered haircut, as it will make your tresses look thinner.

Find the right hair products

You can add volume to your hair with the right hair care products, which are created specially to add bounce to your tresses. Explore Pantene’s volumising hair products that give your fine tresses natural body and leave your hair looking voluminous.

Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
Created using Pro-V nutrients, this shampoo from Pantene is lightweight and adds volume to your fine hair, without weighing it down. With 0% silicones, Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo contains micro-boosters that strengthen fine hair and protect your hair from any styling damage. This Pro-V shampoo helps your hair reach its full volume potential and leaves you with voluminous hair. Follow up with Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner that protects your hair and makes it shiny and healthy.

A good hair care regimen that includes volumising products from Pantene, together with the dos and don’ts mentioned above, can make your hair voluminous and give it that much-needed bounce.