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Today, Pantene’s signature Pro-V blend—which combines B5 with a cocktail of powerful and protective antioxidants and restorative lipids—is the strengthening base on which we build all Pantene formulations. To help you achieve your healthiest, best hair ever, Pantene is always on the lookout for ingredients to add to this Pro-V blend.

our selective ingredients
Collagen - Pantene


Amino acid in collagen helps to build hair proteins, wrapping each strand with additional strength and stability, keeping it smooth and protecting it from external insults.

Biotin - Pantene


Biotin is rich in nourishing Vitamin B7.

Rose water - Pantene

Rose Water

Our extract comes from the petals and buds of the rosa gallica plant which originated in the Mediterranean regions. It was found to be rich in Vitamins B5 & B3. It also known for its calming and smoothing properties, helping replenish lost moisture.

Lotus Flower - Pantene

Lotus flower

Lotus flower is known for its astringent, and antioxidant properties.



This extract comes from bamboo shoots that is typically grown in China’s Fujian Provence and know to contain B-vitamins.

Purifying charcol - Pantene


The activated charcoal, from trees like the Japanese oaks, is known for its purifying properties- It absorbs , impurities deep into its porous structure to wash them away.

Tapioca Strach

Tapioca Starch

This advanced Oil Absorber Technology, containing blended modified and unmodified tapioca starch particles absorb excess oils, dirt and grease from the hair.