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Pantene Intense Miracle Shot Biotin Desktop@2x

Pantene Intense Miracle Shot Biotin



Hair damage interfering with your good hair days? You can now repair damaged hair in one minute!

Pantene Intense Miracle Shots Biotin is a one-minute rinse-off treatment that directly targets the cause of hair damage. It is created using biotin and multi-supplemented infused formula, and the vitamin level is tested by the Swiss Vitamin Institute. Your hair gets everything it needs to stay healthy. The Pantene Pro-V Ampoules give you 100% stronger hair and helps repair signs of hair damage* by transforming damaged and dry hair into visibly healthy, shiny, and strong hair^. Get ready for some great hair days and #daretodoXTRA

(* repairing hair surface damage vs. non-conditioning shampoo, with regular Pantene regimen use ^against breakage)