The Science of Healthy Hair


Detox. Purify. Nourish.

Pantene Pro-V Micellar Series

Dodge the Damage

How to not damage your hair.

Fine Hair, No Problem

Tips & tricks to styling fine hair.

Shampoo 101

Use the shampoo that’s right for you.

Chaos Free Curls

Healthy hair, better curls.

Fight the Frizz

With science that tames frizz in 3 steps.

Don't Fade Out

Stand out with longer lasting color.

Lower the heat, Up your style

Bringing healthy style down to a science.

Stronger Hair, Stronger Style

Start with strong, healthy locks.

Science vs. Fiction

The truth behind sulfate-free shampoos.

Can Your Hair Take the Heat?

Get healthy hair that beats summer dryness.

Healthy to the Ends

Start by avoiding split ends.

Do Courageous Color

Without the damage.

Shampoo like a Pro

The science to smart shampooing.

Up Your Volume

Give thinning hair the right boost.

Stop the Dryness

The science to moisture rich hair.


Four steps to fight hair breakage.

Take our clean hair quiz and get expert answers

A Question of Cleaner Hair

Quiz the experts.

Damage - O - Meter

How damaging is straightening?

Discover the best option for you.